McDonald’s Introduces The Giga Big Mac In Japan

McDonald's Introduces The Giga Big Mac In Japan

The Giga Big Mac

In an attempt to make the Japanese as fat and happy as we Americans are, McDonald’s will be releasing their new Giga Mac Burger, the biggest thing to hit the streets of Tokyo since Godzilla.

It comes as no surprise that the creative minds behind the menu items in Japan came up with this. Their previous ideas included things like chocolate drizzled fries, a mashed potato burger, and Shaka Shaka potato fries. They even got in on the fun for April Fool’s Day, introducing fake items such as the Sugar Burger and the Bamboo Burger. According to the Rocket News 24, the company claims that by finishing this enormous burger, you’ll achieve “a satisfied sense of accomplishment.” Accomplishment? Really? That’s what we’re going with here, huh?

The company will also be releasing an enormous soda and enormous fries to go with the burger because apparently “large” isn’t large enough. They’re also releasing a Grand Big Mac, which is slightly larger than a Big Mac but slightly smaller than a Giga Mac. Their giga drinks and giga fries will be 2 times and 1.7 times bigger than their large size counterparts. For reference, one giga-sized drink would hold 64 oz, double the size of a large drink, which translates into the same amount as 5.3 cans of soda.

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