These 3 Jaw-Dropping Oreo Flavors Are Coming In 2017 – Hopefully

If rumors turn out to be true, Oreo fans will see Nabisco drop at least three new jaw-dropping flavors sometime between now and summer 2017: Firework Oreo, Waffles & Syrup Oreo, and Mississippi Mud Pie Oreo.

Just this week, @candyhunting, whose self-proclaimed claim to fame is posting “the newest junk foods before you hear about it anywhere else,” posted images to Instagram featuring the three never-before-seen Oreo cookie flavors.

Firework Oreos, which are believed to have small bits of Pop Rocks-like candy mixed into the Oreo’s creamy center are expected to make their appearance around Memorial Day.

Again, if rumors are true, you can also expect to see Mississippi Mud Pie Oreos along with Waffles & Syrup Oreos to make their appearance at retailers later this summer.

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