Tucson’s Barrio Brewing Company Opening at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport



The Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport will soon have a new restaurant for travelers and employees alike.

The airport’s board of directors approved a 10-year lease today with Kind Hospitality Inc. for a restaurant and catering concession in the General Aviation Center located at 5803 S. Sossaman Road.

The lease includes the entrance of Tucson’s Barrio Brewing Company, which will be opening a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner sometime this fall.

The existing restaurant space within the General Aviation Center will be expanded to 3,900 SF and undergo a significant renovation to accommodate the Barrio Brewing Company operation.

“There are over 2,000 employees working at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and many others working within the Mesa Gateway District,” said Interim Executive Director/CEO J. Brian O’Neill, A.A.E, in a statement. “We’re confident that having a high quality restaurant like Barrio Brewing Company offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be wildly popular with the businesses and more than 10,000 college students located on the nearby ASU and Maricopa Community College campuses.” “Kind Hospitality, Inc. is a well-managed company with rich experience in restaurant management, owning 20 restaurants in Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas, including restaurants at Gateway and Sky Harbor airports.”

Kind Hospitality, Inc. is licensing the Barrio Brewery brand from Dennis and Tauna Arnold, who own the Tucson location at 800 E 16th St., as well as Tucson brewery Gentle Ben’s.

About Barrio Brew

Born To BREW

Dennis Arnold, owner of Barrio Brewing, was present at the creation. Well, nearly…

The story of Barrio Brew
ing begins in 1986, when
 Dennis and his wife Tauna, 
moved to San Diego to open 
a small brewery, a slightly mad idea when you think about it. Dennis had never brewed before, but was undaunted by this seemingly small hiccup simply because he very much enjoyed what precious little craft beer was out there. Unfortunately, that adventure did not turn out well, due to the lack of vision among some of San Diego’s elected officials who proclaimed that there would never be a brewery in the San Diego city limits.

But Dennis and Tauna saw an opportunity where others might have seen an obstacle, ultimately heading back to their hometown of Tucson the day craft brewing became legal in Arizona. With an individualistic spirit that is characteristic to native Arizonans, they ended up purchasing a small restaurant near the University of Arizona, called Gentle Ben’s.

Dennis & Tauna quickly transformed the restaurant into the Gentle Ben’s Brewing Company which, in 1991, became one of the first craft breweries in the state of Arizona.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fro more information checkout Barriobrewing.co

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