Burger King Unboxing Video Stars Chester Cheetah

Frito-Lay’s Chester Cheetah Shows Off BK’s Latest Offering, Mac N’ Cheetos

Burger King, which knows eager fans are busy trying its new Mac n’ Cheetos item, made its own unboxing video.

For those unfamiliar with unboxing videos, here’s a quick breakdown: People post YouTube videos showing recordings of themselves opening up new packages of everything from toys to the latest iPhones and sneakers. Yes, there are really people out there making millions of dollars opening boxes of stuff and recording their reactions.

To get in on the fun with its new product launch, Burger King enlisted Chester Cheetah to show off the Mac n’ Cheetos, which the restaurant describes as a handheld take on macaroni and cheese, ideal for on-the-go snackers. The product essentially takes macaroni and cheese, covers it in a special Cheetos coating, and fries it into 310 calories of American food innovation glory meant for handheld eating.

In Burger King’s unboxing video, Chester Cheetah breaks down details of the concept, even describing “some sort of flappy thing” on the box. Chester Cheetah does not even appear to pretend to eat the product in the video, yet gives it two thumbs up.

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