What’s Up with Macayo’s Aztec pyramid Central Avenue Restaurant Site?

What's Up with Macayo’s

The owners of Macayo’s Mexican Kitchen have sold the iconic restaurant with it’s distinctive exterior modeled after an Aztec pyramid to Atlanta-based Wood Partners.

The Atlanta-based developer is looking to build new apartments on the property just south of Indian School Road.

Marketing and Brand Management Director Ashley Negron said Macayo’s had been planning on selling the property for a while, as part of their revamping plans.

“Throughout the last few years, we’ve been working on upgrading. First we introduced our test kitchen in Scottsdale, then our renovation in Mesa,” Negron said. “This is the next step.”

Negron said that plans with Wood Partners had been in the works for the past few months, and now Wood Partners is in talks with the city about zoning and development. Negron said the plan with Wood Partners “was a perfect match.”

The Macayo’s on Central and Indianola avenues, built in 1952, will be moved across Indianola to a space currently occupied by Toyowest Autmotive Inc.

Though the new space will be downsized from 22,000 square feet to 5,000 square feet, the new Macayo’s will have a patio. The current Central Avenue location is one of the only restaurants in the area without one.

The new Macayo’s will not have the iconic Aztec design that the Central Avenue location has either, Negron said, which was added to the location around 15 years ago.

Instead, Negron said the upcoming space will have more of a 40s and 50s look, with founder Woody Johnson’s children making an effort to recreate their father’s original designs when he first opened the concept.

Negron said Macayo’s currently is attempting to move their well-recognized sign from the current space to the new location as well. “We’ll be preserving the historical and iconic elements, and bring some of those well-known characteristics in,” Negron said.

Negron said the current location will not close until the new space opens.

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