Tuesday, May 10 Dubbed “Miracle Mile Deli Day!

Miracle Mile Deli Day

One of the Valley’s oldest restaurants now has its own official holiday.

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton has officially dubbed Tuesday, May 10 “Miracle Mile Deli Day,” in honor of the central Phoenix restaurant and its 67 years in business.

Miracle Mile opened in 1949 off of 16th Street and McDowell Road by Jack Grodzinsky.

The restaurant moved its location at the Camelback Colonnade last year to a 6,600-square-foot space on 4433 N. 16th St.

Over the years, Miracle Mile has opened and closed a number of other locations across the Valley including in Glendale and Scottsdale.


Proceeds from Tuesday’s sales will go to Feeding Matters, a local nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness of pediatric feeding struggles.

Miracle Mile has survived for nearly 70 years despite growth in competition among sandwich-focused chains such as the ubiquitous Subway and other national chains, as well as Paradise Bakery, Panera and Wildflower Bread Co.

For more information checkout miraclemiledeli.com

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