This New App Turns Everyone Into A Food Critic


Restaurant-hoppers, choosey foodies and indecisive diners alike will now be able to discover the best items on any menu thanks to the new smartphone application, Dysh.  The free app, launched by Toast Labs, Inc. merges user-generated content and technology to create a conversation around the food, getting straight to the plate.

Users are encouraged to post photos of those hunger-inducing meals (i.e. curate the sort of #foodporn you might find on Instagram), and to help friends decide what to order by rating dishes on a 100-point scale.  Dysh answers both the age-old question, “what do I order?” and the modern quandary, “where do I post it?”

Of course, food sharing is nothing new.  But by adding a level of personalization and gamification to the process, Dysh’s concept is to re-define how everyone finds and shares their favorite fare.  Diners can discover the must-have menu item at a particular restaurant or simply search for the best food and drink nearby.  The app is equipped with location services technology and provides custom results based on a user’s exact location.  No more sorting through lengthy paragraphs of unknown reviews or crossing fingers that the server will be able to recommend something they will like. Dysh puts an end to eater’s remorse by putting recommendations from fellow and trusted “Taste Buds” right at their fingertips.

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