National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day

Today is National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day!

Pastrami Fun Facts

  • Pastrami, often, starts its delicious life out as corned beef? Corned beef is spiced and smoked to make pastrami.
  • Pastrami can be made from brisket or the plate (located just behind the brisket) and can be soaked in a brine or dry cured.
  • Pastrami is believed to have originated in Romania, though depending on who you ask this can be quite controversial.
  • Pastrami was created out of necessity, in order to preserve the meat prior to refrigeration.
  • Miracle Mile Deli goes through two tons of pastrami a month!

On National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day Miracle Mile Deli is offering up their Pastrami Sandwiches for $8! The meals come with fries and a pickle and make the perfect fit for this deli-style holiday!

Miracle Mile Deli has been a staple in the Valley for 66 years. The locally-owned restaurant recently moved to their new venue at 4433 N. 16th Street in Phoenix. Miracle Mile Deli has been family owned and operated for three generations and continues to provide a unique experience in casual dining.

Visit Miracle Mile Deli online or like them on Facebook and stay updated on their specials.

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