County Health Officials Say Phoenix Chipotle Restaurants Are Issue Free

Despite a rough few months for Chipotle, metro Phoenix health inspectors say there’s nothing to worry about at local restaurants.

In October, the restaurant chain sickened customers in nine states with E. coli, and though we now know the outbreak affected at least 50 people, we still don’t know the source. And that outbreak came after the restaurant chain sickened some 200 people in California with Norovirus in August.

Arizona hasn’t been affected by any of the food borne illness issues, and for health inspectors in Maricopa County, it’s business as usual when checking out metro Phoenix’s Chipotle restaurants.

“We conduct our inspections as usual, and we’re hoping that there won’t be any issues here with them or with any other restaurants,” says Johnny Diloné, a spokesman for Maricopa County’s Environmental Services Department.

As you might imagine, confidence in the company is on the decline. Sales were down 30 percent in December for the company nationwide, according to a recent financial filing, and stock prices for the company fell to a one-year low last week. Investors are suing the chain for misleading them over food-safety issues, and the government has launched an investigation into the norovirus outbreak.

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